There are many reasons why couples seek therapy: parenting style differences, infidelity, substance abuse, sex addiction, emotional abuse or neglect, just to name a few.  I have found that most couples that find their way into my office are there for less compelling, but just as serious concerns such as: poor communication, feeling disconnected, unheard, under-appreciated… all of which chip away at the foundation of the marriage/partnership.

Any disharmony in the relationship is painful, yet with true and eager willingness couples have the power to recreate their relationship in a way that gives birth to harmony and joyful togetherness.

People often come into therapy feeling wounded by their partner, feeling as if trust and passion are gone.  The person they once passionately loved and wanted to spend the rest of their lives with is now a stranger to them.

I believe in love, when it is right. I cannot say that all couples should be together, and luckily for me, I am not the one to make those calls. I know relationships of any nature, as everything else in life, takes work. When you come to me, I am going to use my skills to help you understand each other again, to help you fill seemingly unbridgeable gaps, to help you heal wounds that feel like they will never heal. I profess no magic solutions; you will only get out of therapy what you are willing to put in. I will help guide you and help you learn ways to communicate again and find a common language that you both understand. You must have a willingness to look at yourself, understand that all relationships require work.  I will help you establish a more trusting, intimate and passionate relationship.  You will learn the joy of seeking to truly understand the perspective of your partner.

Through hard work and a willingness to be honest in the relationship, I have seen couples rekindle their passion and commitment to the relationship. It really can be equally as joyful to give as to receive. I enjoy working with all couples:  straight, gay, multiracial and interracial. I appreciate our similarities and our differences. We would all do well to to take the best from our race, gender or ethnicity, or social-economic position and leave the rest behind. If you’re looking for a therapist who has an opinion, who works to be awake, who is honest and walks with integrity, I may be just be the therapist for you. I will not take sides.  I stand only on the side of truth and love!