I work with adultsadolescents, children and often entire families when possible and appropriate.  The goal of therapy is to unravel, examine, and resolve the internal conflicts that impede some level of our functioning.  Internal conflict shows up in our professional, academic or social lives because everything is ultimately about relationships.   Therapy is geared toward helping you to create a healthy emotional life by working to identify the obstacles holding you back.   I provide a safe nurturing environment, where we can examine and explore emotions that present as fear, insecurity, anger, anxiety, depression.  I will help you find new ways to experience life.  I believe that we all have dominant themes in our lives, such as feelings of unworthiness, helplessness and fear.  These themes play themselves out in our relationships and we begin to identify them as part of who we are, as our true selves.  I don’t believe this. I believe that we have the power to unchain ourselves from negative habitual ways of being that don’t serve us.  We can create new healthy patterns and have more fulfilling lives.  Is the work difficult? Yes, at times,  but it is worth it!  Most of what we do is habit, and habits can be broken!  I believe that everyone should have the experience of therapy.